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The Isle Mill is part of the Macnaughton Group, a family company which was founded more than 200 years ago. It is recognised as the foremost weaver and wholesaler of soft furnishing and upholstery fabrics in Scotland.

Marana Launched September 2017 Marana Launched September 2017
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Combining the finest natural fibres with time-honoured techniques, the Isle Mill designs and weaves distinctive fabrics, many of which take their inspiration from the natural splendour and breath-taking colours of the surrounding Scottish Highlands.

Inchcolm Abbey Launched September 2016 Inchcolm Abbey Launched September 2016
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The Isle Mill carries an extensive range with thousands of fabrics in stock. However, with its advanced computerised design technology the company is also highly flexible and is happy to undertake design projects to meet clients' specific requirements.

Montrose Melton Launched September 2016 Montrose Melton Launched September 2016
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INC104 Inchcolm Spice

INCP202 Inchcolm Plaid Spice

INCT305 Inchture Grape

MON025 Montrose Melton Espresso

INCS403 Inchcolm Sheer Sand

ANA027 Marana Redcurrant

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